Performance commissions

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The Knitting Orchestra - 2009

ArtYarn's Knitting Orchestra gave the first performance during a residency at Manchester's (UK) Contact Theatre in 2009. The Knitting orchestra is a curious experiment looking at all those parts between making a stitch- the rhythmic and gestural actions of knitting and crochet, and an investigation into the many varied yarns, needles and techniques that can be used in the creation of knitting and crochet work. Through the amplification of live needles and hooks in action, ArtYarn made a public performance with Anwen Lewis (conducter, RNCM) and with sound production by sound and film artist Matt Wand.

Stitch n Ride - 2011

A weeklong journey on the Manchester Metro Link, sharing skills and stories with passengers, and creating a durational knitting piece to be displayed at The Contact Theatre in Manchester. 
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Knitting Cruise

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